About Dr J.M. Wahome

A staunch Christian and a Church Elder. Has served in different church leadership positions which include: Deacon, Church Chairperson, Chairperson of Ministers and Elders Welfare Association. Likes preaching to encourage and correct those who are called by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Believes that the Bible contains the Living Knowledge and the Word of God keeps believers alive.

Worked in different capacities as an Environmentalist. He has a vast experience in environmental Assessment, Environmental Governance, and Environmental Management Systems. He is an advocate of environmental conservation and protection. Has many questions about Climate Change subject.

Has a unique line of hobbies. First, he loves sleeping when there is available time. Preaching the word of God in truth and in spirit defines him. Above all, he likes encouraging people, especially youths and teenagers through motivational speaking. Can never forget that farming and adventurous driving forms a good part of his hobbies. He likes reading and writing technical articles on politics, religion, and the environment and this forms the foundation of Informines.