As an Expert in International Governance, defines politics as the science of allocation of resources. Believes politics is about doing good for the good of the people.

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Worked in different capacities as an Environmentalist. He has a vast experience in environmental Assessment, Environmental Governance and Environmental Management Systems.

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A staunch Christian and a Church Elder. Has served in different church leadership positions which include: Deacon, Church Chairperson, Chairperson of Ministers and Elders Welfare Association.

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Dr. J.M. Wahome

About me

I am Dr WahomeJM: Who am I? Born from a very humble background. Appreciates that there is no formula to economic success. God’s favour, Creativity and positive thinking plays the trick. I have grown over time to become a philosopher and a key opinion shaper.


Holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development, A Master of Science Degree in Environmental Legislation and Management and a PhD in Environmental Management and Governance.


Very passionate about Religion(Christianity), Environment and Politics.

R.E.D.S Ministries

Religion Evangelism Devotion Spirituality

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Dr. J.M. Wahome

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